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Posted by Laura on February 14, 2010

For fellow classmates. You know how we have our charts for giving numbers to a condition to see if it fits or what heading it falls under? Such as the APGAR, Braden Scale, Glasgow coma scale. There is a recent drafting of a proposed classification for diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders called the DSM-5. Maybe it is really like taking our 8×5 Orem cards and coming up with the focus for our nursing diagnosis. Personally I always wondered about the classification of bipolar and schizophrenia as they are both so close together.

Anyways, the American Psychiatric Association just recently came out with this new global draft on Feb 10th 2010 to place the listed disorders in their classifications. After complete review and revision, (2 years) it will be the new taxonomy. The last published edition was six years ago in 1994. The original publication – DSM-1 was in 1952. If you want to read more go to You know NANDA-I just recently is going through the process of submission of new diagnosis and revisions of old ones too.

Since we are going into Psych one of these days, and this is a pretty big thing going on right now, I wanted to post it. The following links go to the APA site with the proposed classification criteria for each disorder.

As stated on their site, “Anyone can submit their suggestions and ideas to the members of the work groups through the DSM-5 Web site, by clicking the “Participate” button on the upper right hand side of this screen and registering. The proposed draft revisions to DSM-5 are posted on the Web site, and anyone can provide feedback to the work groups on these during periods of public comment.”  To put this in perspective – the final publication of the DSM-5 will be released May 2013.

American Psychiatric Association

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