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Why iso to hypo on the D5W?

Posted by Laura on February 13, 2010

Why iso to hypo on the D5W?

Glad you asked! It is my understanding:

When the body consumes the Dextrose 5% in water – it is isotonic or “same as” our tonic. But our body gets hungry and insulin pulls that sugar from the solution. Not quickly, but if we kept consuming quantities of this we would pretty soon have an abundance of just free water in our system waiting to be absorbed. You know people like the sound of a “sugar” pill much more than a “water” pill – right.

So what happens is you have the lumen carrying the water because the sugar left. In fact some of that sugar probably went to the cell who has a good number of osmolarity already. Kind of like a little dinner party. Sure there is over 300 people already there, but when the sugar runs over there, it is even more like a party.

Now who doesn’t like a party? The water is going to go and crash that party. Yep, from the lower concentration to the higher concentration in the cell, it will through osmosis, but it is going to get there. After all, there is so much going on!

All that water moving into the cell is a bit too much! Like your party being crashed! Before you know it, your house gets labeled as “Edema – with Infiltration”, who likes the sound of that, and the nursing police have to fix this situation.

Intervention will be by stopping the flow of water, putting a lock on the door, a fake police car in the yard, anything. Maybe we will only allow crashers bearing gifts. NS and LR.

So my question to you is: When you drink a lot of high caloric drinks with nothing much more than water and sugar, what happens to your body? Does it go to your tissues and make you hypervolemic? And if so, do you now crave salty snacks to balance the osmolarity? But if so, does the new salt make your body retain that water? Does this sound healthy?

Guess that is more than one question….

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  1. Lisa Gallardo said

    Hi Laura,

    I like the party theme to our IV therapy party!!!!! thanks for the IV tips and the Table of Common IV solutions…. clears up all the sugar questions with D5W… those darn sugar crashers…

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