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Posted by Laura on January 29, 2010

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Yes, you have to apply! So you may make too much money. You don’t make money.  They may only give you loans, no grants. It is like getting the bowl out to make salad. Unless you prepare with a foundation (the bowl), the opportunity to fill it up with lots of greens won’t happen (the money!)

Filling out the FAFSA isn’t that hard. First you have to apply for a pin number. After you complete this part and have a pin you can fill out a temporary FAFSA form that will be good until later in the year.

Just get a rough idea of what your W2s may say and fill in the form. After you have filed your taxes in April, you can then finalize your FAFSA.

The thing is, you don’t really know what your school is going to do unless you fill this form out. I personally like salads, lots of greens, and other colors of vegetables with fruits thrown in. My husband makes a great salad! Some years it has paid off. It really pays off if you fill out the preliminary one before FEBRUARY 10th.

Do the work. Maybe one hour of your time. Think of it this way, is your 1 hour of time worth a few thousand? Do you need your vegetables? Yes, and the more the better right?

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