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New 1st Semester Students of the ADN at AVC

Posted by Laura on January 28, 2010

There is an orientation of the new (can I say “probies” ? – too much NCIS!) students entering the nursing program at AVC. Some of us, second semester students, will be going to say hi and let them know we support them, along with what they can do to support themselves through the first few weeks.

Of course I’m going to promote the new chapter of the National Student Nurses’s Association, see flyer I made here.

And I will give them a copy of some of the learning center’s workshop courses available on this preliminary schedule they did up for us.  see here

My dear friends will also talk about support study groups, tutoring (Lisa, Kendra) and even Diane is bringing cupcakes! We will all wear our uniforms, so they can see what they look like on. Should be fun. I think there are many students who I went through pre-reqs with in this class.

So here’s to –

 CLASS of FALL 2011!!!!!

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