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Donations Needed!!

Posted by Laura on January 21, 2010

Hi Laura! Katie here. I wanted to talk to you about something and see if this could maybe happen. My friend Annie has a foundation called Project81, Her and her husbands foundation has done alot of past work in Haiti, and she is going down there soon. She sent me a messege looking for donations of shoes and clothes. I was wondering, and I will take care of shipping, if maybe we can talk to our class and maybe the other classes about donating to the cause. Let me know, thanks!Katie

    – Wow, what a great idea Katie. I posted this here so others would be sure to read it. Also you should send and email out to the other students through AVC to let them know. Perhaps we can pick a day at AVC for a drop off at the APL. Let me know when and I will help you box them up! – Laura.

2 Responses to “Donations Needed!!”

  1. michelle said

    Any luck with the donations thus far Laura? Where are the collections being taken from? I visited Katie’s website Project81, but it’s in German, which I’m not so good at translating..

    • Laura said

      Not sure how it is going for Katie – please send her an email if you want to donate or find out more about her friends organization. Sounds like a great idea, but I don’t read german either. So much to learn!

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