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3rd, 4th, 5th(IV) and Professional week readings

Posted by Laura on January 9, 2010

StudyGroup Reading 3rd.pdf    

StudyGroup Reading 3rd.doc

StudyGroup Reading 4th.pdf

Study Group Reading 4th.doc

StudyGroup Reading 5th.pdf

Study Group Reading 5th.doc

Professional Reading.pdf

Professional Reading.doc

When printing 8×5 cards in PDF, be sure to check your printer’s  “Page Handling” / “Page Scaling” – as “None”, and check “choose Paper source by PDF page size.

4 Responses to “3rd, 4th, 5th(IV) and Professional week readings”

  1. Katie Gorndt said

    Hi I have quick question for you. I was wondering how you guys knew what to study, i.e specifics like vocab, math, reading, did you guys speak with the teacher and she gave this information to you? I am just wondering because I have been nervously anticipating this semester and wondering if I should do anything during this break, but didn’t want to start stuff that I wasn’t sure about was even going to be relevant at the beginning. I guess what I am saying is that if the teacher gave you the information or a “heads up”, I would think that would be info. we all would have liked! Please don’t take that the wrong way, I am just a little confused????!!! thanks, Katie

    • Laura said

      Hi Katie! I hope you have been having a good break!
      I have seen old syllabuses for this OB class, taught by different instructors. I have no idea if these are the pages we will have for OB, but I do believe they will be similar. Even if they aren’t exactly the same, we will learn new info by reading these pages (Its pretty much the whole book.)
      Our teacher has not given us any heads-up. I did send one of the teachers an email and received the comment to review postpartum normals and abnormals, and assessments. Some of the teachers are pretty good about giving some advice, but no specific items. I am very curious to see the new syllabus and if it is similar.
      One of the reasons I post this stuff is so anyone can use it. Please use any of it as help, but remember I’m a student too and there may be errors.
      The way I see it, its not really the teacher’s material we need to learn, its the subject matter we need to learn for the NCLEX. So you could pull any syllabus off the internet on Maternity and get a good idea of what areas are needed for the NCLEX.
      Hope to see you in class soon! Beatty said to study the chapters on chronic illness and diabetes if you have Chronic!

  2. Laura said

    I’ve posted the .doc file you can use!

  3. Marcelo said

    I can not print these =(
    I followed your instructions, but no dice.

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