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Med Cards

Posted by Laura on January 7, 2010

I am trying something different with my medications.

Not mine really – those are generally under lock-and-key.   

   I mean the medications to learn for these classess. Obviously we need to know all the meds for the NCLEX in the end of the program. Also there are a few repeats – though they are used for different therapeutic effects depending on what module we are reading. Instead of repeating my work, I’m going to put them on 4 x 6 cards so I can pull them for the next module and update as needed. These are my OB cards. I have more to fill still, and I am updating important info on them as I read.

This link for Module 1 (updated 1/10/10) Cards →   .pdf   or .doc

I figure if I put them in a word doc, then when they need to be updated I can reprint it with just a few changes. Such as Terbutaline, a bronchodiltor. In OB it is also used  “Unlabeled” as a tocolytic (medication used to suppress pre-term labor). I also read it is used to relax the uterus to turn the baby. So this card will be one that I would update and reprint. That’s the latest plan by student nurse laura.

*Disclaimer – Every attempt has been made by me, a learning student nurse, to insure accuracy of medication info.  If you find an error please contact me. If you have any questions whatsoever or are unsure about anything on this site double check with your instructor or please refer to your textbook. Thanks!

Thanks Gary!

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  1. April Wise said

    Soooo, are you looking to make some money? You could sell these to us other student nurses who would LOVE to just study and work from your work!

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