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Reading for RNs

Posted by Laura on January 5, 2010

Yesterday we were fortunate to have Linda Secretan from the Reading Department ( #2197) in the Learning Center speak to us about time-saving and comprehension tips in our text reading. There is so much to read, and for some of the material we need to scan through, she gave us some good tools to use. 

1.  Pay Attention (don’t let you mind wander) 

2. Pre-Read (know the glossary, the back critical thinking Qs, the headings, charts) 

3. Put headers into questions (Biorhythmicity – changes to What is Biorhythmicity and why is it important?) 

4. When you read, use your hand and don’t go back over what you have already read. 

5. Don’t vocalize the words in your head. 

6. Read for 20 min at a time, take 5, then back at it. (take notes of the important things you think the teacher wants you to know in question form) 

7. Speed reading should be 400-500 words a minute. 

Linda was great.

Speech is at 250 words a minute and if you say the words in your head when you are reading- then you are reading at the same speed of speech. Interesting.

She said this type of speed reading (with no words in your head, only eye to brain) will be a little uncomfortable at first, but it will speed up our reading and Comprehension. I’m all for that!

Here is the Learning Center Workshop Schedule for Intersession 2010

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