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OB Math

Posted by Laura on January 2, 2010

This morning I feel like another math session before I begin my day. Then a little run, and  off to the Getty with my DH and DDs. These math problems are from a prior class.

This practice not only keeps my math limber, it has made me utilize my iPod touch’s calculator. When the need comes to use this on the floor – I’ll be ready! So those of you who also are new to it (Vicki,) try using it  🙂

1.      You are to administer MgS04 (magnesium sulfate) IVPB at 1Gm. per hour. You are to add 20gm of MgS04 to 500mL D5LR. You have a 10mL vial of 50% MgS04 on hand. (50% MgS04 = 50gm/100mL)   answer

a. How much will you add?

b. At what rate will you infuse the IVPB?

2.      You are to start Pitocin IV at 1 mU/min. and you have added 10U of Pitocin to 1000mL D5LR. At what rate (mL/hr) will you START the infusion?   answer

3.      The patient has been diagnosed with DVT and is to receive Heparin. She is to receive 800U per hour. The IV bag is labeled: Heparin 40,000U/1000mL of D5W.    answer

a. Calculate the flow rate to deliver the ordered dosage using the in­fusion pump.

b. While making nursing rounds, you notice that the patient’s IV pump is infusion at 30mL/hr. Calculate how many units of Heparin is infusing per hour.

4.      The order is for Gentamycin 80mg IVPB in 100mL q 8 hours and to run over 30 minutes.   answer

a. Calculate the infusion rate.

b. Calculate the drip rate in gtts/min.(tubing delivers 15gtts/mL)

5.      During resuscitation the doctor orders Narcan 0.l mg/kg to be given to the newborn. You have an ampule of Narcan labeled 0.4mg/mL. The infant weights 2430 gm. How much medication will you give?  answer

6.       The doctor ordered Ancef 2gm IVPB in 50mL D5W to infuse over 30min.  Calculate the infusion rate in mL/hr.   answer

– my iPod touch turns off too fast!

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    awesome math questions!

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