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Math Practice

Posted by Laura on December 31, 2009

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1. Doctor orders carbamazepine 19 mg/kg/day to be divided into 2 doses. Your patient weighs 55 lbs. You have Carbamazepine of 50 mg on hand. How many mg of carbamazepine do you administer for each dose?

2. Doctor orders ceftibuten 270 mg PO. The nurse has 90 mg/5 mL suspension of ceftibuten available. How many mL of ceftibuten suspension does the nurse administer?

3. You need to know how many gtts/min are infusing by IV. The order was for LR at 85 mL/hr. The tubing factor is 20 gtts/mL.

4.  You need to infuse an IV of 1 L of D5NS over 6 hrs. The drip rate is 16 gtts/min. How many mL an hour do you administer the UV fluids?

5. The med chart says to give azithromycin 2 g PO once a day. You have  unscored tablets of 500 mg each. How many tablets do you give the patient?

These questions were modified from Taylor’s.

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