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Certified Nursing Assistant

Posted by Laura on December 27, 2009

Being a Student Nurse, you can apply and test to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). 

This is what I have learned about the testing for the CNA in California.

For California, if you are presently in an RN program, you will not have to take further training and qualify to take the competency exam for an equivalency-trained nurse assistant. You must submit an original copy of your transcript of training (or a student nurses can substitute the transcript with a letter on official school letterhead listing equivalent training in at least “fundamentals of nursing”).

Submit transcript or letter, along with fingerprints using live scan (available at the college), completed application form, and a $15 application fee.

Cost of the exam is $90-105. Information of what is involved can be found in this brochure by California’s National Nurse Aide Assessment Program.

This exam can be taken over the summer after the first year of student nursing. The exam is a written test of 70 questions and a skills performance test. 24 Skills have critical steps that must be completed to pass. Some of he skills tested include hand washing, applying knee-high elastic stockings, ambulate using transfer belt, cleans upper or lower dentures, counts and records radial pulse and respirations, and feeds client who cannot feed self. The whole list is in the brochure.

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