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iPod touch Applications for Nursing

Posted by Laura on December 26, 2009



Nursing Central has:

Davis Drug Guide     

Davis’s Lab and Diagnostic Tests  

Disease and Disorders  

Medline Journals    


And Favorites  This I can see using with each patient, I will just save the med or lab as a favorite and can refer back to it. Or I can save all my common OB meds to favorites….

8 Responses to “iPod touch Applications for Nursing”

  1. Katie Gorndt said

    Hi Laura! Katie here. I wanted to talk to you about something and see if this could maybe happen. My friend Annie has a foundation called Project81, Her and her husbands foundation has done alot of past work in Haiti, and she is going down there soon. She sent me a messege looking for donations of shoes and clothes. I was wondering, and I will take care of shipping, if maybe we can talk to our class and maybe the other classes about donating to the cause. Let me know, thanks!Katie

  2. Katie Gorndt said

    Thanks Laura!! I appreciate it!!

  3. Katie Gorndt said

    How many GB’s did you guys get on your itouch? I’m looking at getting one and I want to download these programs. How many GB’s does each of these programs take up? Do you know by chance?

    • Laura said

      You can utilize the 8 GB one. According to Unbound, Nursing Central requires 41 MB on the ipods. It all depends on what else you want on your mobile unit. I personally believe in extra memory. Seems every new thing takes more space.
      Do you listen to lots of music, or have lots of images? I was thinking of loading videos. All of these things take space.
      Mine was gifted to me and has 32 GB. I have filled 6 GB, mainly with applications. Realizing that, you may cut it close with the 8 GB.

  4. Gary said

    Here is a list of my nursing apps. Some are free, some not.
    If you are unsure of any you are welcome to check them out on my device if you like. Best, Gary (to avoid typos in charting)
    Medical Spanish
    Saunders NCLEX Review
    Gray Anatomy
    Medical Lab Tests
    RN (from Informed,I like it a lot)
    Acid Plus (from freeradical)
    I have the Unbound Nursing Suite that Laura mentioned and used it extensively last semester

  5. Vicki said

    Hi Gary
    “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” to you and Dina as well 🙂 Thank you for the app recommendation. I know you’ve had yours for a while…would you be able to post a list of recommended apps. It would be greatly appreciated by many of us newby’s to the itouch. Hope to see you soon…miss you and Dina.
    Wishing you all my best for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

  6. Marcelo said

    Thanks Gary, I will be looking and adding the app. I hope you’re well, see you soon. – Marcelo

  7. Gary said

    Epocrates has a FREE version that allows you to enter a list of patient drugs. You can hit “Interactions” and it will specify any and all important drug-drug interactions based on their severity. This was VERY helpful for me when working on care plan “Hazards-Drug Interactions”. And did I say it is FREE?

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