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Gary’s Student Nursing Tips Blog

Posted by Laura on November 27, 2009

Gary Appel has created a new blog on gaining knowledge from sudent’s experiences in clinical situations.

He has also created a medication card he uses. Check it out!

“I print this Excel doc out on 3×5 index cards, punch a hole in the corner, and attach them to one of those cords that retract. I clip the cord thing onto a loop in my uniform pocket so these cards are attached to me, stored in my pocket, and within easy reach.

In the morning when I get my patient meds that I have to administer for the day I write down all the info from the drug guide onto this card, then reference the card when the instructor quizzes me about the drug or as I need to during my shift. I formatted the card so after class you can cut the top portion off at the dotted line and then use the drug card as a future study aid. The back of the card can be used for writing notes as well.”

Gary’s Med Info

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