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Pain – Acute/Chronic

Posted by Laura on October 27, 2009

Difference between Acute and Chronic Pain

Type Acute Pain Chronic Pain  
Definition Generally rapid in onset, varies in intensity from mild to severeProtective in nature Pain that may be limited, intermittent, or persistent but lasts beyond the normal healing period
Length < 6 months > 3-6 months or longer +++
Intensity Usually Sharp, may radiate Poorly localized, dull, aching
Intensity Mild to severeSubsides as healing takes place Mild to severe
ANS response? present may be absent
Patient expectations Relief of pain Reduce pain, but expects continuation
Subdivided no Malignant / Nonmalignant

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  1. dedee said

    Laura dear, I can’t thank you enough for the reading lists and the drug lists you put out help to clerify and study all this information. I tend to get baried in it all. So thank you for making it easier! Love DeDee

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