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Tell me about your pain

Posted by Laura on October 20, 2009

Tell me about your pain

Is your pain in pain

does it burn or stab,

coming from the PNS or CNS

Or is it just plain bad?


Is your pain being transducted,

all the nociceptors activated,

chemical, mechanical, thermal and electric

your PNS is now stimulated.


Perhaps your neurotransmittees –  Prostaglandin and Substance P,

Are now working with bradykinin and triggered histamine.


Those triggered nerve cells, red and swollen,

transmitting their stimuli up the A and C -fiber,

on their way to tell the CNS, you need to do something now!


Let the gate be closed to your pain

don’t let your perception brew,

Let there be modulation,

where we know dynophin or enkephalin, our endorphins, will be true.

2 Responses to “Tell me about your pain”

  1. Marcelo said

    This is nice….One day it’ll make sense to me. That day better be tomorrow.

  2. LOL! I like this little poem!
    Good luck in nursing school! It’s tough (a friend of mine was joking that she might need a prescription for Xanax just to graduate from the RN program), but we’ll all get through it! Keep studying and stay in touch.
    Love, Jaya

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