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1st week

Posted by Laura on August 29, 2009

Exciting, mind filling, and what I heard most in class – where do I start? I’m already behind!Say What?

One thing I noticed. For module II objectives, very good information is actually in F. of N. Chapter 1 (not sure why it wasn’t the required reading) Actually you might as well read skim all the first 8 chapters. These aren’t very long.

Second thing. Everyone in this class is SMART. Way smarter than me. I have to blog and everything else to stay even with the pack. You made it through our pre-reqs. You made it through TEAs. You made it through all the hoops required in own unique personal lives. You will definitely make it through this!

Third thing. Our own anxiety is from not knowing. So, we have to learn it, then all that anxiety will go away. Start with those baby steps.

  • We know we have the abbr and equiv. test next week. Do your flash cards all the time.
  • Read and figure out the objectives for your modules. Can’t find the ideas, ask around – everyone wants to help. I’ll help. I don’t know if my answers are what the teacher wants on the test, but maybe your study buddy does.
  • Then put them away to study for your exam later. 
  • Read for the next module, watch videos and practice.

 Well, this is my current plan. I may modify it, but I won’t modify the anxiety part. Make fear our friend and it will go away. The only way to make it you friend is to get to know him.

If there is something on this site you would like to access (articles – I will post all I find through the semester under Resources), and if you find it is password protected or private (for copyright reasons), send me an email and I’ll get it to you or give you the access.

PS. If you find anything I have written wrong- and I’m sure there will be quite a few (such as Air not being a priority under Maslow’s), PLEASE let me know. My knowledge base is currently only 1 week long and untested.

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