Student Nurse Laura

Orem – "creative effort of one human being to help another human being."


Posted by Laura on August 20, 2009

The six human dimensions, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, sociocultural, emotional and physical. When I read this I automatically thought about my fish. Yes, they have been ill. Well dying actually. And I want to be a nurse? I know, I need to figure this out. tigerbarb

I always knew about my spiritual, intellectual and physical well-being. I’ve always tried to keep it in check an balance. The thing about these 6 dimensions is I should be able to control them with the fish right? Now people are complex. We can’t always understand their environment or sociocultural needs, but with my fish I should have complete control. So why are they dying?

I’ve pH-ed their environment. Kept their numbers up for social needs. Feed them and given them cool things to swim around for the physical. Nifty lighting and daily talks to hopefully affect the other areas. Not really working.

I’m off to the fish store to replace one, and hopefully give the chaser a different friend to chase. I think the other fish (with COPD) is in need of rest.

8.26 Started with new set of fish. Also found out we weren’t adding salt. So, with a new environment, different fish who aren’t as aggressive we are now doing pretty well. In fact one had babies!

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