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BLS for Healthcare Provider Class

Posted by Laura on August 11, 2009

aedToday we did our CPR class. The whole class passed! It was very nice to have teachers who went over everything thoroughly. Even though we still stumbled through some easy/basic stuff we knew, we kept the process going with our new knowledge. Watch out world – we have the knowledge. Can we use it?


Out class was taught by Eva Pihlgren and Elizabeth Sundberg for the American Heart Association. Book cost $15, but you didn’t really need it if you paid attention to the class.

4 Responses to “BLS for Healthcare Provider Class”

  1. Vicki Halstead said

    Student Nurse Laura I just love your website, especially your Nursing Assistants! CPR class was great. Our teachers were thourough and patient. It really did whiz by and for the 1st time, out of many CPR classes I also left feeling confident that I would remember what to do in an emargency. Today was our 1st clinic class and I was more than a bit nervous, so, “Thank YOU” for practicing with me. I am hopeful get checked off for Vital Signs tomorrow. Good Luck to you tomorrow and I want you to know that I Love your sense of humor, your website is Great!

  2. Diane Procyk said

    How come that picture came up (Christmas Tree)? I didn’t do that.

  3. Diane Procyk said

    I thought class went great and just whizzed by. CPR classes that I’ve taken before, I’ve never felt comfortable when leaving the class. This time was different, I feel confident and ready.

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